Tuesday, February 2, 2016

How to deal with  skunks digging  holes in your lawn A lot customers would complain of small holes all over the grass that would happen overnight and would would ask me what caused all the small holes . Skunks love grubs and that is what is causing the holes skunks digging for grubs best way to deal with this problem long term is have your lawn treated for grubs you can buy grub killing products at any hardware or home improvement center its most likely going to be a granular product you spread on your lawn in the spring and fall it eliminates the grubs and the skunks will move on to better grub hunting areas and stop digging holes every night in your lawn.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Roaches these are common in many cities most common type would be German roaches. German Roaches breed extremely fast band can build up to a major problem fast .They prefer kitchens and bathroom areas but will spread to the entire house quickly they are more active at night and if your seeing them out in the day time there most likely is a larger infestation .If your problem just started your just seeing a few scatter once in while .Get some victor roach pheromone traps these work great just put them out they fill up roaches get trapped just throw them out when they fill up and put a new ones out you can get these online at a pest control supply site .At the same time Make sure to buy roach bait the bait that comes in the syringe type applicator is far better than the ones you set out on counter tops apply bait in cracks in the inside corners of your kitchen cabinets in the bathroom under the sink around door jams small dots are all you need re apply every month it takes a while but baiting is very effective in the long run the pheromone traps will get rid of them fast while the baits working  If you have a major infestation you need a pro to do at least a clean out with a fogger and have them spray a IGR with is insect growth regulator then you can implement your own baiting but for really bad infestations call a pro let them get it under control then you can do baiting to prevent the problem from returning

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Termites Im talking about underground termites that  live 15 to 20 ft below the
the surface termites need moisture and cannot be exposed to air they travel through mud tubes on wood cement walls to reach wood above ground. It takes only a few years unnoticed for termites to damage a house badly there are workers in the termite colony there white  about the size of a grain of rice soildiers there job is to protect the colony and swarmers are there only for reproductive reasons they spread the colony to other areas hence they have wings and look like flying ants upon closer look you will find the termite swarmer has only two body sections an ant has three you will find swarmers emerging into houses in the spring and fall .This is the first sign of a termite problem in your home. call an expert in as soon as you see swarmers  here are some preventive measures most termite treatments are beyond a home owners means or skill there are several termite baiting stations and termite monitors avialible at home depot lowes easy to install and they come complete with instructions great for a prevention add on and peace of mind

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Carpenter Bees Anyone living in a natural wood finished house most likely has encountered a carpenter bee problem .Often mistaken for bumble bees they look just like a bumble bee and they will drill large half inch perfectly drilled holes in your siding sophets and up around the roof lines .Also another spot bees love to drill and lay eggs is under the hand rails of decks and railings a lot folks just dont realize where the sawdust under the railings is coming from .The holes will be round the first year the problem is in years following the eggs hatch and and newly hatched bees tunnel out in a couple years your roof line will look like and have more holes than Swiss cheese they really go after natural finished houses log homes there is only one effective way to treat them .Its time consuming your going to  need a ladder Drion dust (its a pyrethiod based powder ) its injected into the holes using a bulb duster or a special pole with a duster on it .Painting raw or damaged wood helps but nothing will stop the damage completely unless it its treated with drion this could be done by a DIY home owner if you can obtain drion powder and a bulb duster from any online pest control dealer some states however like NY CT drion dust is restricted to licensed pest control applicators only in this case call one and have it treated its the only effective treatment .                      Good site for tips on home silver Investing
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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wood Destroying Insects
lets take a look a wood destroying insects Carpenter Ants ,Termites ,Powder Post Beetles ,And how they enter the house and what to do to prevent them
today we will start with carpenter ants next few posts will cover the others

1) Carpenter Ants These are large black ants they naturally  gallery out wood to nest in .The problem starts when they move a colony into the walls of your house they can destroy window door frames after time best way to prevent them is to
KEEP FIRE WOOD PILES AWAY FORM THE HOUSE ! bring in just what your going to burn WATCH your .Landscape timbers I have seen more than one really bad carpenter ant infestation start in landscape timbers really watch old ones
that are decaying and do walk around your foundation every week during the warmer months look for ants moving or climbing up your foundation If you have OAKS ok trees are carpenter ant natural nesting spots watch overhanging branches over your house another great prevention tip get your self a good barrier spray for carpenter ants spray
two bands around your house one along the bottom of the foundation where the concrete meets the ground and another just under the siding where the siding meets the foundation the best bet here is to call a pro pest company to do this for you and the reason restricted pesticides are far better than anything a home owner could buy ask your pest company for termidor its the best I used it as as a pro and I have seen nothing better one application will kill ants on your foundation for Months at a time

Sunday, January 3, 2016

A regular walk and Inspection around your home once a week can save you problems later on catch things early or before they get going .
In the summer and best if you start in late spring Walk around slowly a few feet out away from your home look for torn screens or holes have them repaired .
If you live in the north east or anywhere there are carpenter ants keep an eye
on firewood piles landscape timbers really keep a eye on them if there older
and decaying any wet or moist wood is attractive to carpenter ants always fix leaky pipes in the house also if you have oak trees you need to stay alert look for carpenter ants on your foundation a sure sign of trouble if there moving up and down the outside of the house time to act call somebody to spray for you . .Look for bees nests a small nest starting out with one or two hornets  noticed right away is far easier to deal with then a nest three months old with hundreds of hornets in it .

Friday, January 1, 2016

Sure Sign of a Carpenter ant colony in your house .
I have noticed over the years getting calls on carpenter ants in late winter
in the northeast part of the country .It often  starts late jan -march too cold for ants to be outside then again carpenter ants are common calls june -sept but getting one late winter is a automatic sign You have a colony inside your walls beneath the insulation somewhere. what has happened here is Ants got up under your siding and into the house the last season or summer before.Here  once in  they gallery out the wood and nest in it this is called a colony. It most likely be on the south facing part of your house and there can be several thousand ants in it they became dormant in your house where they over wintered now the sun in late winter hits that side of the house and warms  it .Now warmed the ants become active again its too cold outside and the minute the colony becomes active they need food so now they begin to forage for food in your house. Sothat explains the big black carpenter ants people see around sink areas kitchens and roaming the floors of the house when you see carpenter ants in your house in late winter you have a colony in a wall somewhere for sure .