Sunday, January 3, 2016

A regular walk and Inspection around your home once a week can save you problems later on catch things early or before they get going .
In the summer and best if you start in late spring Walk around slowly a few feet out away from your home look for torn screens or holes have them repaired .
If you live in the north east or anywhere there are carpenter ants keep an eye
on firewood piles landscape timbers really keep a eye on them if there older
and decaying any wet or moist wood is attractive to carpenter ants always fix leaky pipes in the house also if you have oak trees you need to stay alert look for carpenter ants on your foundation a sure sign of trouble if there moving up and down the outside of the house time to act call somebody to spray for you . .Look for bees nests a small nest starting out with one or two hornets  noticed right away is far easier to deal with then a nest three months old with hundreds of hornets in it .

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