Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Termites Im talking about underground termites that  live 15 to 20 ft below the
the surface termites need moisture and cannot be exposed to air they travel through mud tubes on wood cement walls to reach wood above ground. It takes only a few years unnoticed for termites to damage a house badly there are workers in the termite colony there white  about the size of a grain of rice soildiers there job is to protect the colony and swarmers are there only for reproductive reasons they spread the colony to other areas hence they have wings and look like flying ants upon closer look you will find the termite swarmer has only two body sections an ant has three you will find swarmers emerging into houses in the spring and fall .This is the first sign of a termite problem in your home. call an expert in as soon as you see swarmers  here are some preventive measures most termite treatments are beyond a home owners means or skill there are several termite baiting stations and termite monitors avialible at home depot lowes easy to install and they come complete with instructions great for a prevention add on and peace of mind

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