Saturday, January 9, 2016

Carpenter Bees Anyone living in a natural wood finished house most likely has encountered a carpenter bee problem .Often mistaken for bumble bees they look just like a bumble bee and they will drill large half inch perfectly drilled holes in your siding sophets and up around the roof lines .Also another spot bees love to drill and lay eggs is under the hand rails of decks and railings a lot folks just dont realize where the sawdust under the railings is coming from .The holes will be round the first year the problem is in years following the eggs hatch and and newly hatched bees tunnel out in a couple years your roof line will look like and have more holes than Swiss cheese they really go after natural finished houses log homes there is only one effective way to treat them .Its time consuming your going to  need a ladder Drion dust (its a pyrethiod based powder ) its injected into the holes using a bulb duster or a special pole with a duster on it .Painting raw or damaged wood helps but nothing will stop the damage completely unless it its treated with drion this could be done by a DIY home owner if you can obtain drion powder and a bulb duster from any online pest control dealer some states however like NY CT drion dust is restricted to licensed pest control applicators only in this case call one and have it treated its the only effective treatment .                      Good site for tips on home silver Investing
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