Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wood Destroying Insects
lets take a look a wood destroying insects Carpenter Ants ,Termites ,Powder Post Beetles ,And how they enter the house and what to do to prevent them
today we will start with carpenter ants next few posts will cover the others

1) Carpenter Ants These are large black ants they naturally  gallery out wood to nest in .The problem starts when they move a colony into the walls of your house they can destroy window door frames after time best way to prevent them is to
KEEP FIRE WOOD PILES AWAY FORM THE HOUSE ! bring in just what your going to burn WATCH your .Landscape timbers I have seen more than one really bad carpenter ant infestation start in landscape timbers really watch old ones
that are decaying and do walk around your foundation every week during the warmer months look for ants moving or climbing up your foundation If you have OAKS ok trees are carpenter ant natural nesting spots watch overhanging branches over your house another great prevention tip get your self a good barrier spray for carpenter ants spray
two bands around your house one along the bottom of the foundation where the concrete meets the ground and another just under the siding where the siding meets the foundation the best bet here is to call a pro pest company to do this for you and the reason restricted pesticides are far better than anything a home owner could buy ask your pest company for termidor its the best I used it as as a pro and I have seen nothing better one application will kill ants on your foundation for Months at a time

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