Friday, January 1, 2016

Sure Sign of a Carpenter ant colony in your house .
I have noticed over the years getting calls on carpenter ants in late winter
in the northeast part of the country .It often  starts late jan -march too cold for ants to be outside then again carpenter ants are common calls june -sept but getting one late winter is a automatic sign You have a colony inside your walls beneath the insulation somewhere. what has happened here is Ants got up under your siding and into the house the last season or summer before.Here  once in  they gallery out the wood and nest in it this is called a colony. It most likely be on the south facing part of your house and there can be several thousand ants in it they became dormant in your house where they over wintered now the sun in late winter hits that side of the house and warms  it .Now warmed the ants become active again its too cold outside and the minute the colony becomes active they need food so now they begin to forage for food in your house. Sothat explains the big black carpenter ants people see around sink areas kitchens and roaming the floors of the house when you see carpenter ants in your house in late winter you have a colony in a wall somewhere for sure .

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